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Update on Status of Kentucky Breast Care Participation in Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky Provider Networks

June 16, 2021

Kentucky Breast Care (KBC) has notified Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield that it will no longer participate in our members' care provider networks effective December 1, 2022. We understand that this news is concerning for some of our members.  However, your network includes other comprehensive breast care centers in the Somerset area, and we always encourage you to use in-network healthcare providers to ensure you're accessing quality, affordable services.

We are committed to making sure our members have access to high quality, affordable healthcare. One way we do this is by negotiating the rates we pay doctors and hospitals for the care they provide our members. KBC has demanded that Anthem agree to a 63% price increase for the same care our members receive today.  An increase of this magnitude would unacceptably increase medical costs and health insurance premiums for our members.

Our members and employers in Kentucky trust us to deliver access to affordable, quality healthcare. We value that trust and we take our responsibility seriously.

We know it is concerning when a health care provider leaves your network. To help with the transition, if you are an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Kentucky commercial health plan member, we will continue to cover care you receive at KBC through February 28, 2023, at in-network benefit levels. This means that during this period, Anthem will pay the same amount for services at KBC as before they left your network. There are three important things for you to know:

  1. While Anthem’s payment for care at KBC will be the same, the terms and conditions of your health plan, including deductibles and copayments, still apply.
  2. Because Anthem no longer has a contract with KBC, Anthem’s payment for services will come to you, and you will be responsible for paying Kentucky Breast Care.
  3. KBC may choose to bill you more than before they left your network, a practice known as "balance billing." If they do, because KBC ended its contract with Anthem, you would be responsible for paying the difference between Anthem's payment and KBC's non-network charges.

Q: How do I find an alternate mammography and breast care center near Somerset?

You can always go to and click “Find Care” to locate health care providers near you.  You may also call the Anthem customer service number on the back of your ID card. The following comprehensive breast care centers located in and near Somerset participate in Anthem’s network:

Radiology and Imaging Services at Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital
Locations at:
The Imaging Center
45 Tower Circle
Somerset, KY
(606) 421-0134

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital
305 Langdon St.
Somerset, KY
(606) 679-7441

Russell County Hospital
153 Dowell Rd.
Russell Springs, KY
(270) 866-4141, ext. 516

Q: Can I still choose to go to Kentucky Breast Care after they leave my network?

Most health plans offer benefits for care received at out-of-network healthcare providers, though it will likely cost you more than care at an in-network provider. Please consult your health plan documents or call Anthem Customer Service at the number on your Anthem ID card to understand the out-of-network benefits offered by your health plan.