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Save Money, Earn Cash with SmartShopper

June 21, 2019
Want to save money on your health care costs, but aren't sure where to start? Prices for the same quality medical tests and procedures can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, based on where you go for the service. SmartShopper makes it easy to shop around for health care services and even rewards you for using high quality, lower-cost options for services like ultrasounds, CT scans and orthopedic surgeries. SmartShopper is easy to use and helps you put money right in your pocket.

How It Works:

  • Activate your account. Visit or call your Personal Assistant at 1-866-488-5441. You’ll get a confirmation email to get started.
  • Shop. When your doctor recommends a medical procedure, call a SmartShopper Personal Assistant or go online to find competitive pricing at available locations.
  • Go. Have your procedure at a quality, cost-effective location of your choice. You can earn rewards on routine services and common procedures.
  • Earn. Once your procedure is complete and your claim is paid, a reward check is mailed to your home. No forms. No hassles. It’s that easy.

Sample Procedures and Rewards*:

Procedure Cash Reward
Carpal Tunnel up to $150
Colonoscopy up to $150
Hernia Repair up to $250
Knee Surgery up to $250
Mammogram up to $50
Orthopedic Procedure up to $250
Ultrasound up to $50

Learn More:

Contact your health plan administrator for more information.

Rewards are for select procedures only and reward payments may be taxable. Rewards may be delivered by check or an alternative form of payment. Members with coverage under Medicaid or Medicare are not eligible to receive incentive rewards under the SmartShopper program.

*Services and reward amounts may vary; visit or contact the Personal Assistant Team for available services and reward amounts.