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MarinHealth Notifies Anthem Blue Cross of Intent to Leave Plans

May 19, 2020
Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) negotiated with MarinHealth for several months to ensure our members' health plans continue to give them access to affordable care at Marin General Hospital (Marin General). In March, MarinHealth abruptly told Anthem that it intends to end its hospital's contract with Anthem on September 15, 2020.
We recognize that our members and employers face rising health-care costs, and we had hoped to reach an agreement with Marin General to help control those costs. Unfortunately, Marin General has become one of the more expensive hospitals in the state, and MarinHealth is demanding year-over-year cost increases. This would make health care even less affordable at a time when affordability is more critical than ever.
Why is this happening?
The relationship between an insurer and a hospital system involves periodic negotiations. Anthem and MarinHealth were negotiating a new contract to keep the system in our members' plans.
Members who receive care from Marin General have been covered by their Anthem benefits for years. We remain committed to negotiating a new agreement that will help protect affordability and access to care for our members, and we hope MarinHealth will demonstrate its commitment by renewing their contract and putting the needs of the community first.
Anthem will ensure a seamless transition for our members, with no gaps in benefits for their care, in case MarinHealth’s decision to end their contract on September 15, 2020, is final.
Members who need help locating a hospital in their plan can use the Find Care function at, or they can call Member Services at the number on their ID card.