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Celebrating Nurses

May 05, 2020

In honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), we would like to recognize and thank all nurses for the hard work, countless hours and personal sacrifices they have made and continue to make during the COVID-19 pandemic. They deserve our deepest gratitude, admiration and respect - for saving lives and making a big difference in the health of our communities.
Ways to say thank you
You can show your gratitude and brighten a nurse’s day by:
  • Sharing the image below on social media or email. (Right click on the image in this article to save it and share.)
  • Sending a handwritten note or card.
  • Making and sending a healthy care package.
Infographic Copy:
A salute to our heroes, our nurses.
Thank you for your hard work, dedication and sacrifices - not just this week, but every week. Happy Nurses Week!

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